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A Toast to Toast

Earlier this week I played sous chef while we made seafood soup. My sole cooking duty was toast, broth's best friend. Easy, right? Well, I burnt it. We had a good laugh, but I have to admit I was dissapointed in myself! And it made me stop and think - What other things are missed in my everyday life because I'm too distracted?

Constant connectivity goes beyond physically interacting our devices and platforms, it's mental engagement that floods our thoughts starting the second we wake up. Now that many of us don't have a conventional schedule - we find ourselves connected 24/7 - it makes it difficult to defrag our brains. This can have a snowball effect and then next thing you know, you've burnt your toast.

My personal call to action: A waking hour, every day, of complete disengagement; no thinking about projects, proposals, e-mails, or engagement streams. Luckily, I have a great distraction in going to the barn and riding horses - there is very limited cell service in the country! My goal is to think of the things I really value in life because tomorrow is never promised. Life often takes dramatic, unexpected turns. I'm going to enthusiastically continue my journey of building Mustang MarTech while taking an hour, each day, to disengage and remind myself of the things that make me happy outside of taming wild databases.


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