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Julie Stuflick (Ritchie)

Director of Corporate Marketing, Helpshift

"Mustang MarTech was critical during our Hubspot to Marketo transition.  We found it extremely valuable to have her in additional to our LaunchPack, as she was able to dive deep into our SFDC and Marketo instance and provide both tactical support and strategic insights.  Our team really enjoyed her clear and simple approach on how to architect Marketo Programs, Channels, Lifecycle Tracking and compliance issues. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Courtney, or hire her again!"


Alex Lentz

Salesforce.com Admin, SurveyMonkey

"I have worked with Courtney now for 3 years across multiple teams. She is the epitome of a marketing operations guru and I have not found a Marketo problem she could not solve. She is always professional, considerate, and more than happy to go out of her way to help fellow coworkers. Above all else, her communication skills are top-notch, as she excels at keeping everyone informed and up-to-date on all projects, big or small. It has been an absolute privilege to work with her and learn from her for the past 3 years."


Aliza Edelstein

Demand Gen Manager, SurveyMonkey

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Courtney at SurveyMonkey. As Sr. Marketing Operations Manager, she has greatly improved our existing systems and processes. She inherited Marketo and Salesforce instances that needed significant reorganization, and she worked tirelessly to improve them. Courtney is an outstanding communicator who clearly explains complicated and abstract concepts to both technical and non-technical groups. She keeps abreast of industry best practices as they unfold—attending conferences and learning events—and shares new insights with her team. I enjoy bouncing ideas off Courtney and building new lead generation campaigns together. She’s a great person to work with."


Michelle Turner

Technical Instructor, Marketo

"The most impressive aspects of Courtney's work ethic at Marketo was her desire to streamline and make improvements to learning materials. Within her the first month as a Technical Instructor, she was asked to update Marketo's highest revenue generating course. Courtney was not only timely with this assignment, but she collaborated with other Instructors, Curriculum Developers, and Managers to ensure that everyone had a say in the direction of the updated learning materials. All of the Technical Instructors appreciated her warm approach, can-do attitude, and changes that improved the delivery of training to our customers. I would be more than happy to work with Courtney again."