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Mustang MarTech President Courtney McAra has become a respected leader in the Marketing Operations field during the past decade, all starting with her first post-MBA job with a small Seattle startup. Working on a lean team of three, lead by the company's CEO, Courtney challenged herself to learn a broad range of marketing skills, including: website development, SEO/SEM, collateral creation, public relations, event management, product marketing, and email marketing. Eventually fatigued by the limitations of her company's batch-and-blast email platform, Courtney submerged herself into the AppExchange and fell in love with the Marketing Operations platform, Marketo. Describing Marketing Operations comes easy for Courtney; "it's the glorious combination of my two concentrations in college, marketing and supply chain management." After learning the concept of "lifecycle," a fire was lit and Courtney was  off to the races!

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After three years with the Seattle startup, Courtney accepted a Demand Gen role at Egencia, an Expedia, Inc. company. Moving beyond broad marketing strategist, she became a specialist concentrating on acquisition leads and B2B Sales, developing and fine-tuning her career focus. Eventually relocating to the Bay Area, Courtney landed her dream job at Marketo and thrived around fellow "marketing tech nerds." Possibly her most memorable highlight, she spent one year with Marketo's Education Department, flying all over the world to teach new and existing clients how to maximize their Marketo experience. 

SurveyMonkey was her most recent corporate position where she inherited a four-year-old Marketo database that was being shared by multiple businesses with no central administrator. Courtney was able to configure Marketo to handle the workload of both self-serve (now called Product-Led, or PLG) and 8 sales-assisted products. She went from a one-woman show to leading a team responsible for lifecycle, scoring, nurture, newsletters, compliance, consent, integrations, etc. After years of hard work, collaboration, adjustments, and patience, SurveyMonkey went public in 2018 with future plans to aggressively expand to international markets. 

In 2019 Courtney's desire to make a greater impact lead her to become an independent consultant at Mustang MarTech.  She now spends her time helping multiple businesses streamline their collective results and, when necessary, tame their wild databases.

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