Ensure your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are providing a stable foundation, primed and ready for growth.  Regardless of your database size, whther it is 20,000 or 2 million, it is impertitve to understand where the data is coming from, how it is stored, and where it is being shared.

Areas of focus are Channels, Program Templates, Naming Conventions, Global Tokens, CRM Sync, UTM Tracking, Compliance and Consent.


Ensure your engaged leads are being followed-up with promplty by buiding a holistic and cohesive processes that goes beyond just assiging points.  Mustang MarTech urges you to consider a Lead  Prioritzation Plan that will solve the cross-department problem and assist Sales with reaching their goals just as much as it assists Marketing with reaching theirs.

Areas of focus are: Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), Persona Segmenations, and Prioritization Levels.


Industry jardon pertaining to email compliance is varied and complex: Explicit, Implicit, Express, Implied, Opt-In, Opt-Out, Unsubscribe, Suspended, Block List, Invalid. Do you know what all of these mean and how they are triggered in your system? 

Let's work together to build a Segmenation that clearly indicates who you have permission to email, and why.


Mustang MarTech can help when you need tactical support to get the job done.  We're willing to jump into it all: data cleanliness, proof-reading, cloning progrmas, copying, pasting - we never shy away from a challenge. 

Our past experience in a large marketing teams means we bring proven Quality Assurance (QA) techniques and QC (Quality Control) tests to the table to reduce errors and streamline operations.


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